Rayscendo is the collection of all musical compositions and arrangements by Imco Daniel. He’s always had a great interest in music. As a clarinettist and tenor, he’s gained most of his musical expertise from music theory and music lessons as well as singing and playing in several choirs and orchestras. When he was 18 he wrote and performed his first composition for concert band, named “Children of the Ocean”.

As a composer, Imco takes a lot of inspiration from video games and feature films, both recent and from his past. Music from games like Rayman and The Legend of Zelda, or from films like Disney Pixar’s UP helped him form his own musical style.

Imco is always trying to improve and experiment with new styles and genres. His iconic light-hearted style is highly focussed on woodwinds, strings and light percussive elements and makes a perfect fit for most modern media. Whether you’re looking for an original score to a video game, film, trailer or an instrumental track for your original songs, he’s always excited to take on new projects!

Examples of his work can be found on this website as well as on his YouTube channel Raymusique. Feel free to message him with questions, business inquiries or even if you just want to say hi! He’s always happy to get in touch!

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